What Signs Does A Reputable Online Pharmacy Have?

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Nowadays, online pharmacies are a popular way to get prescription drugs because of their low prices and convenience. In the UK there are over 3,000 mail-order pharmacies at your disposal and their number is growing every day.

However, not all providers are reputable. There are numerous fake pharmacies that often sell counterfeit pharmaceuticals, thus endangering the patient's health. Improper use of prescription drugs can worsen the condition or even cause serious health consequences.

How can you find a reputable online pharmacy? Below we provide you with 5 signs that the online provider is serious.

EU safety logo

The internet pharmacy should have the EU safety logo, which guarantees the sale of legal pharmaceuticals. The security logo consists of the flag of a member state of the European Union or that of Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and a note in the respective national language to click on the logo.


If the website does not have an imprint, this is a sign of a fake pharmacy. If the name of the owner or the postal address is missing in the imprint, caution is advised.


The reputable internet pharmacy is public and has a valid license of the country in which it operates. The license number is often displayed directly on the company's website to make customers aware of their seriousness.

A reputable online pharmacy requires a prescription

In order to obtain a prescription drug from a reputable online provider, the prescription should be redeemed for it.

Customer Service Contact Information

Reputable online pharmacies provide the contact information so you can contact customer service by phone or email if you have any questions about your medication or your order. Most people prefer a phone number or at least a live chat option so they can talk to a real person about their concerns rather than waiting for an email response. If the pharmacy you have selected does not provide contact information, you can assume that the company is not interested in hearing from their customers. Find another one.

7 tips to help you identify a reputable online pharmacy

  1. Find the security logo on the online provider's website.
  2. Make sure that the selected pharmacy is registered in the mail-order pharmacy register.
  3. Check if the internet pharmacy offers prescription meds online with an online prescription.
  4. Make sure the medical advice is comprehensive.
  5. Check if the provider has accessible terms and conditions and legal information on their website.
  6. Check that the privacy policy is up to date and will not misuse your data.
  7. Make sure the website uses HTTPS for a secure checkout process.

Online pharmacy or local pharmacy: which is better?

An online pharmacy has recently become a strong competitor to the local pharmacy. The biggest advantage of internet pharmacies is the cheaper prices . The medicines are offered over the Internet for up to 50 percent less than in the pharmacy near you.

One of the most important advantages of the internet shop is its convenience . You can conveniently order your pharmaceuticals from home - and all around the clock, since a mail-order pharmacy or online pharmacy does not have fixed opening hours. And, of course, the products from the online pharmacy are then delivered directly to your home.

Anonymity is the next benefit. Most people find it embarrassing to answer personal questions when visiting a doctor or local pharmacy. Answering these questions online gives the patient an extra layer of privacy and makes the experience much more enjoyable. Studies have shown that patients who discussed their health conditions in an online environment felt more comfortable and described their symptoms in detail compared to a face-to-face consultation. The patients who attended face-to-face consultations were more likely to feel unwell. Before ordering the drug on a new website, you should always read the legal notice and the privacy policy.

The detailed information on medication or diseases is also one of the advantages of internet pharmacies. It is generally very easy to access information about your condition and possible treatment options. Detailed information about a drug, its possible side effects and contraindications, drug interactions, and its manufacturer should be available on the product information page.

The lower prices, non-stop opening hours and home delivery at the online pharmacies are offset by personal advice from specialist staff , direct care in acute cases and the rapid issuing of a prescription from the local pharmacies. Overall, online pharmacies have more advantages than stationary pharmacies. However, both variants of pharmacies are necessary and have the right to exist.

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Last updated on 24.05.2022