Terms of Use for the Service of this Website


These General Terms of Use apply to the use of the website compharms.com (hereinafter also referred to as “website”) and the use of the services offered there. The terms of use that are available at the time of the specific visit by an Internet user apply. By using the website, the user declares his or her full agreement with these General Terms of Use.

Compharms reserves the right to change these terms of use, e.g. if the legal situation changes or if our services are supplemented.

Website Services

The websites are aimed at end consumers (hereinafter also referred to as “customers”) who want to purchase medicines on the Internet or obtain information about them (also from each other). Compharms only offers its services of legal age and unrestricted legal capacity. On the website, customers receive free price overviews of medicines that dealers and providers (hereinafter also referred to as "online pharmacies") offer on the Internet.

This information does not constitute a legally binding offer from Compharms. The search for information is largely automated and is largely based on information that Compharms receives from the online pharmacies. The details of the respective online pharmacies are updated several times a day via automated processes. In individual cases, there may be deviations, especially with regard to the price (and thus also the ranking of the offers), the availability and the delivery time of medicines. Due to the amount of information to be processed, errors, especially those based on incorrect information from online pharmacies, cannot be completely ruled out. Compharms can therefore not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

Compharms points out that not all online pharmacies on the market are taken into account. The selection is at the sole discretion of Compharms.

Contractual relationships

There are no sales contracts with Compharms for the purchase of the medicines presented on the website. Contracts for the purchase of the medicines presented on the website are established exclusively between the customer and the respective online pharmacy. Accordingly, the respective general terms and conditions (including cancellation instructions) of the online pharmacies can be applied to these contracts. If customers are interested in making a purchase, they are usually taken directly from the website to the pages of the online pharmacy from which the offer in question originates. Before concluding a contract or ordering, customers are obliged to check all information relevant to the conclusion of the contract and whether it is up-to-date using the information provided by the online pharmacy concerned. Compharms points out that customers who make advance payments to the online pharmacy generally bear the risk of default.

Compharms does not guarantee that the medicines presented on the website can actually be purchased or ordered from the relevant online shops under the specified conditions. In the case of direct purchases, customer payments are made directly to the PayPal account of the respective online pharmacy using the PayPal payment method. If other payment methods are offered for direct purchases, the payments are made via a licensed payment service provider (hereinafter also referred to as "payment service provider"). In this case, the respective payment by the customer or the collection of payment from the customer takes place via the payment service provider in favor of the online shop. If the customer fails to collect the claim, the customer must bear the additional costs incurred. This does not apply if he is not responsible for the failure.
Company names, logos and/or product names mentioned on the website are protected brands or trademarks of the respective owners.

Customer reviews

Customers can comment on online pharmacies and medicines (hereinafter "Service") with text contributions and reviews (hereinafter "Reviews") on the website. Participation is not enforceable and cannot be forced or demanded in any other way. There is no right to the publication of customer contributions.

The customer may only rate if he was the actual user or recipient of the service in question and is not the owner of the online pharmacy and has not been commissioned by the online pharmacy or third parties or paid for in any form (including free or discounted services). The review must be verifiable by the customer in accordance with applicable law and must not contain abusive criticism or be otherwise unlawful. Compharms reserves the right not to publish or to delete reviews that do not meet the aforementioned requirements.

By submitting opinions and text contributions, the author grants Compharms the simple, free of charge, unrestricted transferrable and unrestricted right of use (including the right to edit, insofar as the editing and transformation takes place while preserving the intellectual individuality of the work and the translation right). the submitted contribution together with the submitted evaluation.


Compharms assumes no liability or guarantee for the type, scope and quality of the medicines or information offered by the online pharmacies. In particular, it assumes no liability or guarantee for the functionality and compatibility of systems, programs, etc., which do not directly belong to its offer and over which it has no influence. Compharms can therefore not guarantee the accessibility, the graphic, content or technical design and functionality of the websites of the online pharmacies and the medicines, information and other services offered or not offered there.


Compharms' privacy policy is available here.

Advice on information about medication and treatment

The information about medication or treatment is transmitted by the participating online pharmacies themselves and is only used for product identification and for users to exchange experiences. In no way do they replace professional advice from a doctor or pharmacist. For questions about medicines, risks and side effects, please contact your doctor or pharmacist. Corresponding contact options are published on the websites of the pharmacies published by Compharms.

Effectiveness of the Terms of Use

By using the website, the user agrees to the terms of use. Compharms reserves the right to change its Terms of Use.

Status: June 2022


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