Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the service

What is Compharms?
Compharms is a comparison portal for medicines and online pharmacies. With us you will find an overview of over 200 pharmacy products. We compare medicines, online pharmacies and determine medicine prices. With a few clicks you can find the cheapest price and the online provider.
Is Compharms an online pharmacy?
No, Compharms is not an online pharmacy. We do not sell or deliver the medicines. We only provide the description of the most commonly prescribed drugs and largest online suppliers of these drugs. Once you have selected the drug, you will be forwarded directly to the online pharmacy via our portal, where you can then complete the purchase.
Is Compharms chargeable?
Our comparison portal is free and objective. You can quickly and easily find several online providers for the drug you are looking for on one page in order to compare offers.

Questions about medication

How do I find the specific drug?
To find the drug, enter its name in the drug search. Then click on the drug you want. From the page of the product you have now selected, you will find information on dosage, areas of application, provider, active ingredient, effect, side effects, contraindications and interactions. You will also get the price comparison for this drug. 
How can I submit a testimonial about the product?
You can leave your testimonials and comments on the page of the desired product. You will find the relevant form at the bottom of the page. Enter your name, e-mail address, your testimonial or comment and click on the "Send" button.
How can I compare the drugs with each other?
If you have already gotten an overview of the drug you want with the help of our description and are still unsure, use our comparison function. We will then present you with all the relevant properties of these drugs in a clearly arranged way, so that you can make your purchase decision more easily.

Questions about pharmacies

Where can I find information about online pharmacies?
Enter the name of the online pharmacy in the search field on the start page. To view all pharmacies, click the plus icon below the search box.
How can I rate an online pharmacy?
On the relevant online pharmacy's page, you can rate the price, payment, shipping, customer service, and website of that vendor. If you have already ordered a product from this provider, leave a review of your experience.
Can I compare the pharmacies?
Yes, you can easily compare the pharmacies with one another by clicking on the scale symbol or the corresponding button in the right-hand corner. This can help you find the better provider.
How to find a pharmacy that offers the drug at the cheapest price?
Visit the page of the specific drug, where you will find a filter with many offers. The offers are sorted in ascending order according to the rating, cheapest and most expensive provider. The button "To the best offer" takes you to the page with a description of this internet pharmacy.