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Bioavailability: varies

ATC-Code: M03BA02

Protein binding: ≥ 60%

Metabolism: Liver

Metabolites: Meprobamat

Half-life: 2.5 hours

Excretion: Kidneys

CAS number: 78-44-4

PubChem-CID: 2576

Drug Bank: DB00395

ChemSpider: 2478

UNII: 21925K482H

KEGG: D00768



ECHA-InfoCard: 100.001.017

Formula: C12H24N2O4

Molar mass: 260,33 g·mol−1

How does it work?

The active substance in Soma called carisoprodol promotes signal transmission between nerve cells in the central nervous system. This substance relaxes muscles, relieves muscle pain, pain from tension, spasms, sprains and other muscle injuries. In prescribed doses, effects come on within about 30 minutes and last 4 to 6 hours.

How is it used?

Soma tablets should be taken orally during meals. The appropriate dosage is determined by the physician and is related to a patient's medical condition and response to the treatment.

This medication should only be used for short periods (within 3 weeks or less). The doctor should be informed by the patient if the condition persists or worsens after 2-3 weeks.

Soma should be discontinued gradually, otherwise withdrawal symptoms such as B. stomach cramps, sleep disorders, headaches and nausea occur.

Side effects

upset stomach,



Warnings and Precautions

Risk of death from overdose

Beware of the liver problems

Beware of kidney problems


Drug abuse

Drug addiction



Other trade names



Hypersensitivity to the ingredients

Impaired kidney function


Low seizure threshold

Substance abuse

Drug addiction

alcohol intoxication

Hereditary metabolic disorders


Not safe


Alcohol consumption should be avoided

What happens if you miss the dose?

If you miss a dose, you must make up for it as soon as possible. However, you must not take more than your total daily dose in any 24-hour period. double


Serious side effects can occur after taking excessively high doses. If you experience severe side effects, seek medical help immediately.


There is a risk of serious interactions. Therefore, regular medical monitoring is required.

Unwanted reactions





Food does not affect the effects of the drug.


Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children.

Do not store above 25°C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is soma?

Soma is a drug that can be used for acute, painful musculoskeletal disorders, such as muscle cramps or back pain.

How long can treatment with Soma drug last?

Soma is suitable for short-term treatment.

What is the name of the active ingredient in Soma?

Soma contains the active ingredient carisoprodol, an active ingredient from the carbamate group.

In what form can you buy Soma Carisoprodol?

Carisoprodol can be bought in the form of tablets.

How does Soma work?

Soma has a muscle-relaxing, anxiolytic, relaxing and calming effect.

Is Soma Carisoprodol a BtM?

No. Many people use the term BtM (narcotics) to refer to substances that can cause euphoria. Most of the time, these are opioids. Carisoprodol is not an opioid. However, it can be abused as a depressant intoxicant. It is not recommended due to health risks.

Is carisoprodol a pain reliever?

Carisoprodol (trade name Soma) is a prescription muscle relaxant. It's usually prescribed to relieve pain caused by muscle injuries such as strains and sprains. The drug comes in tablet form and is taken by mouth, often several times a day when treating an injury.

Can you buy Carisoprodol in Switzerland?

There are no medicines with the active ingredient carisoprodol on the market in Swiss pharmacies.

Can I buy carisoprodol without a prescription?

No. This is a prescription drug.

What is soma?

Soma is a trade name of Carisoprodol. This is a muscle relaxant prescribed to relieve pain from muscle injuries and spasms. It is available in the form of tablets of 350 mg on the market. Soma medicine is taken with milk or food to prevent an upset stomach.
It should be used short-term (up to two or three weeks) because acute, painful musculoskeletal disorders are generally short-lived.

What side effects can Soma Carisoprodol cause?

Common side effects of Soma tablets include drowsiness, dizziness, and headaches. The usual dose causes no other unlikely symptoms other than mild to moderate euphoria or dysphoria.

The effects of Soma Carisoprodol may be more aggressive in some patients, and these individuals may experience the full spectrum of sedative effects.

The main side effects of Soma drug are

  • chest pain;
  • tarry stool;
  • Chills;
  • Confusion;
  • cold sweat;
  • muscle spasms or muscle twitches;
  • irregular heartbeat or pulse;
  • To cough;
  • Dizziness;
  • Fever;
  • incontinence;
  • difficult or painful urination;
  • sore throat;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • unusual tiredness or weakness;
  • mouth or lip ulcers;
  • fainting;
  • swelling in the throat;
  • unusual bleeding.

If any of these symptoms appear after taking Soma drug, the patient should consult a doctor immediately.

What are the risks associated with taking Soma Carisoprodol?

Soma is a safe drug when prescribed by the doctor and taken exactly as directed by the doctor. However, in the case of abuse, a psychological dependence on Soma can develop. Abuse can often cause dizziness, blurred vision, drowsiness, and incoordination. More serious side effects include depression, chills, tachycardia, chest tightness, vomiting, and unusual weakness.

One of the biggest risks associated with Soma Carisoprodol is overdose. Taking too large doses of the drug can lead to serious complications, such as: B. Difficulty breathing, shock and coma. Massive overdose can even be fatal.

In the case of liver or kidney disease, even in the past, the metabolism can be impaired by taking the Soma tablets.

If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant, discuss with your doctor the possible effects of taking the tablets on the fetus.

This muscle relaxant can increase the effects of alcohol, other tranquilizers, and opioids.

Soma drug can make you drowsy so it is important to avoid driving or operating machines.

If Soma is stopped abruptly, short-term withdrawal symptoms may occur, starting 12 to 24 hours after the last dose taken and usually disappearing within 2 to 4 days.

Does Soma interact with other drugs?

This muscle relaxant can interact with other drugs. Discuss with your doctor all prescription and over-the-counter medications you are now taking or plan to take to avoid the side effects and drug interactions.

Special care should be taken with sleeping pills and sedatives, other muscle relaxants, vitamins and medicines for allergies, coughs or colds. Health Service does not claim to be an exhaustive list of interactions. You should therefore read the information leaflet or ask your doctor.

Find out below what co-administration with other medications can cause.

Soma with opioids : Soma Carisoprodol and opiods may only be taken together as directed by a doctor. The opioids have an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system. Carisoprodol also exerts the same effect on the central nervous system. As a result, combining these drugs increases the risk of overdose.

Soma Tablets and Xanax : This combination is particularly dangerous. The two drugs inhibit the central nervous system. This increases the risk of respiratory failure.

Soma Tablets with Adderall : Adderall is a stimulant with strong stimulant and stimulant effects. Soma tablets are a depressant. It's always risky to take depressants and stimulants together because they send different signals to the body. This increases the risk of heart disease or damage.

Soma Carisoprodol with Gabapentin : Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant. It is mainly used to treat epileptic seizures. It is also used for certain types of nerve pain, such as B. Shingles. Taking Soma tablets at the same time as gabapentin can increase the side effects.


Soma drug



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