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Instructions for use Propecia



Bioavailability: 50-100%

ATC-Code: G04CB01

Protein binding: ≥ 90%

Metabolism: Liver


Half-life: 6-8 hours

Excretion: Feces

CAS number: 98319-26-7

PubChem-CID: 57363

Drug Bank: DB01216

ChemSpider: 51714


KEGG: D00321



ECHA-InfoCard: 100.149.445

Formula: C23H36N2O2

Molar mass: 372,54 g·mol−

How does it work?

A natural hormone, dihydrotestosterone accelerates hair loss. The active ingredient in Propecia Finasteride blocks the effects of dihydrotestosterone on the hair follicles, which means the follicles can start producing hair again. The scalp hair falls out naturally and grows in at the same place. The preparation acts at the level of the hair follicles. Finasteride does not affect hair growth on other parts of the body.

How is it used?

Propecia hair restorer is taken orally with a full glass of water. A film-coated tablet can be taken with or without food. The recommended dosage is 1 mg per day.

Side effects

erectile dysfunction,
lack of libido,
Ejaculation problems



Breathing problems


Skin rash

Warnings and Precautions

Children and young people

This medicine should not be used by children

Mood swings and depression

Effects on fertility

Breast cancer

Very rarely, breast cancer develops during treatment with Propecia in men.

Be careful if you have an intolerance to lactose

If you have to follow a diet for diabetes, you should consider the sugar content.

Other trade names

Finasterid Finamed Alofın Finasterax Prosmin Proscar Prezepa Finural Finastad Finascar FinaHAIR Crinormin Finapil Androfin


Hypersensitivity to the ingredients

Contraindicated in women


Not safe

The drug Propecia should not be taken by women because of the risk of pregnancy.


No interactions with alcohol

What happens if you miss the dose?

If you miss a dose, do not take twice as much the next time, but take it as described in the dosage instructions or as instructed by your doctor


If you suspect an overdose, contact a doctor immediately.


Interactions are unlikely or not significant

Tell your doctor if you are taking or using any other medicines, have recently taken or used any other medicines, or might take or use any other medicines.

Unwanted reactions


Skin rash


Loss of libido

Orgasmic disorders

Swelling in hands or feet



Food does not affect the effects of the drug.


Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children.

Do not throw away medicines down the drain. Ask your pharmacist how to throw away medicines you no longer use. You help to protect our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Propecia?

Propecia is a medicine used to treat hereditary hair loss in men (androgenetic alopecia). If you have other types of hair loss, you should not buy Propecia. In order to achieve the best results from the treatment, a doctor's consultation is necessary.

How long do Propecia tablets take to work?

The active ingredient in Propecia Finasteride works after the first dose. However, it can take three to six months before results can be seen and felt.

How long do you have to take Propecia tablets?

Daily use of Propecia for three months or more may be required before a patient notices prevention of further hair loss or increased hair growth. There are no controlled clinical data on treatment beyond 12 months. It will likely be necessary to continue treatment indefinitely to maintain benefits.

What happens when you stop using Propecia tablets?

Post-finasteride syndrome may develop after spontaneous discontinuation, which may include the following symptoms: erectile dysfunction, decreased or lost libido. To avoid these withdrawal symptoms, Propecia should be discontinued gradually.

How long has Propecia been around generics?

Propecia's patent expired in 2014. Today there are several pharmaceutical companies that produce cheap generic drugs. So today you can buy cheaper alternatives to the Propecia brand that have the same active ingredients.

What is Propecia?

Propecia is a medication used to treat mild to moderate male pattern baldness (also known as androgenetic alopecia). It should only be used by men between the ages of 18 and 41. This drug is not suitable for women and children.

The branded Propecia tablets contain the active ingredient finasteride. It belongs to a group of medicines known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and has been on the market since 1997. This hair loss remedy is manufactured by Merck in the form of 1 mg film-coated tablets.

Since the patent for Propecia tablets expired in 2014, today its generics are available at a cheaper price. Generic Propecia is a good option for anyone looking for an affordable hair loss treatment.

How effective is Propecia?

Propecia is considered to be the most effective male hair loss remedy available. According to clinical studies, it slows down hair loss in 9 out of 10 patients. Improved hair growth usually starts after about three months and is usually noticeable after 4 to 6 months. The best results of treatment with Propecia finasteride 1mg are seen after 1 to 2 years.

Propecia tablets can be ineffective in the following cases:

  • in severe male hair loss;
  • if the patient has any of the other types of hair loss;
  • if not taken regularly.

 Are Propecia tablets safe?

Like all other medicines, Propecia tablets were clinically tested before it was approved. This is a safe drug, but like most medications, it can cause side effects in some men. Take it as recommended to reduce the risk of side effects.

It is only approved for the treatment of hair loss in men. The active ingredient in Propecia finasteride can cause serious side effects in children and women.

Before you buy Propecia, seek medical advice if you have other medical conditions, especially problems with your prostate, kidneys or liver. Tell your doctor about all medicines you take, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements.

Withholding or providing inaccurate information about your health and medical history may be harmful to your health.

What is the difference between Propecia and Finasteride?

Chemically, Propecia tablets and finasteride are the same drug. They both contain the same active ingredient (finasteride). The only difference is that Propecia is branded, which makes it more expensive. There is no difference in side effects, dosage or drug interactions.

Can you buy Propecia without a prescription?

The hair loss pill Propecia is subject to prescription. You cannot buy Propecia from local pharmacies without a prescription. Many online providers make Propecia available over the counter. However, these are not recommended as they may not be regulated for ingredient purity, potency, or safety.

Is it safe to buy Propecia online?

Many illegal, unregulated drugs are sold on the Internet. Therefore, it is very important that you visit reliable and regulated websites. Propecia tablets can only be bought on prescription as you will need a medical exam to ensure this supplement is right for you.

If you want to buy Propecia online, take a look at our list of internet pharmacies and read reviews of these suppliers.

How much does Propecia cost?

The price of Propecia depends on where and how many pills you want to buy. Generics cost many times less than the original preparation.

Can local pharmacies also offer this remedy for hair loss cheaper? No. It is therefore not allowed for stationary pharmacies to sell Propecia 1mg or 5mg cheaper than the legally regulated final price.

Propecia reviews

The experiences with Propecia tablets are mostly positive. Despite this, some users complain about the side effects, which include dizziness, nausea, headaches, and insomnia. Of course, side effects can vary from person to person. It takes some time to see any significant improvement. So if you notice serious side effects, you should weigh up whether the results are worthwhile for you. Others have no side effects whatsoever and achieve much thicker, fuller hair after ingestion.



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However, a little patience is required until results are actually visible. So 4 out of 5 stars from me.


Because of the hair loss, I ordered the Propecia tablets online. I've been taking Propecia for 3 months now. 1 tablet a day. Propecia is the best hair loss medication I have ever found. Haven't lost a hair since then! I am absolutely delighted with the product!


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