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Instructions for use Doxycycline



Bioavailability: 50-100%

ATC-Code: J01AA02, A01AB22

Protein binding: ≥ 80%

Metabolism: No data available

Half-life: 10-22 hours

Excretion: Feces

CAS number: 564-25-0

Drug Bank: DB00254

ChemSpider: 10482106

UNII: 334895S862

KEGG: D00307

ChEBI: CHEBI:60648


ECHA-InfoCard: 100.008.429

Formula: C22H24N2O8

Molar mass: 444,43 g·mol−1

How does it work?

Doxycycline prevents bacteria from multiplying. For acne, it kills the bacteria that are causing the infection or making the acne worse. Doxycycline is also effective against parasites that can cause malaria.

How is it used?

Always take doxycycline exactly as your doctor has told you. The dosage and duration of treatment are different for different people depending on the type of infection. The usual dose is 100 mg once or twice a day.

The tablets should be taken with a large glass of water during a meal. It should be noted that doxycycline can cause severe indigestion and problems with the throat and esophagus (gut) if the tablets are not swallowed properly.

The duration of treatment depends on the course of the disease. It should be continued for at least 1-2 days after the symptoms of the disease have subsided. In the case of streptococcal infections, the therapy should last at least ten days.

This antibiotic is not suitable for children under 8 years old. Children between the ages of 8 and 11 should only take doxycycline when other medications are unavailable or ineffective.

Side effects



Shortness of breath


Increased heartbeat

Skin redness,
Skin rash,



Warnings and Precautions

Particular caution in patients with impaired renal function

Tell your doctor if you have impaired kidney function before buying and taking doxycycline.

Caution in severe liver dysfunction

Caution should be exercised in severe hepatic impairment.

Caution when taking or using certain medicines

Because of interactions with sleeping pills, anti-epileptic drugs, other antibiotics, anti-diabetics, migraine drugs, methotrexate and ciclosporin, the effect of doxycycline can be altered. Tell your doctor about all medicines you are taking/using, have recently taken/used or might take/use.

Severe acute hypersensitivity reactions

If severe acute hypersensitivity reactions such as anaphylaxis occur, the intake of doxycycline must be discontinued immediately.

Severe, persistent diarrhea

During or up to ten weeks after therapy with the doxycycline tablets, patients can have severe, persistent, sometimes bloody-mucous diarrhea with cramping abdominal pain. In this case, medical attention is required.

Other trade names

Doxyderma Doxyclin Doxybene Dotur Doxakne Atridox Antodox Aknefug Doxy Oraycea Doxysol Doxymono Doxylag DoxyHexal Periostat Rudocyclin

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Hypersensitivity to the ingredients

Severe liver disorders

Concomitant use with certain drugs



Children under 8 years old


Avoid during pregnancy


Alcohol consumption reduces the effectiveness of medication

What happens if you miss the dose?

If you miss a dose, do not take twice as much the next time, but take it as described in the dosage instructions or as instructed by your doctor


If you take more than you should, tell your doctor. There could be side effects.


There is a risk of significant interactions. Therefore, medical supervision is recommended.

Unwanted reactions





Severe skin reactions

Muscle aches



The effect of the drug is influenced by the food.

Milk, dairy products and fruit juices that contain calcium should not be taken with doxycycline.


Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children.

Do not store above 25°C.

Store in the original packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does antibiotic doxycycline stay in the body?

The residence time of doxycycline in the body is quite long: only 10 to 22 hours after ingestion does half of the active substance leave the body again (half-life) - mainly with the faeces, partly also with the urine.

How long can you take doxycycline?

The duration of the treatment depends on the type, severity and course of the complaint. For acute infections, doxycycline is usually used between 5 and 21 days.

How long can you take doxycycline for Lyme disease?

The duration of treatment for Lyme disease should be 10 to 21 days.

What not to eat with doxycycline?

One must avoid milk and dairy products, as they reduce the effectiveness of the preparation.

Can you buy doxycycline without a prescription?

No, doxycycline requires a prescription in Britain.

Why buy Doxycycline?

Doxycycline is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections such as chest, sinus, eye, and pelvic infections. It can be chosen if you are allergic to penicillins. Doxycycline is also used to treat skin conditions like acne and to prevent malaria.

Doxycycline belongs to a group of antibiotics called tetracyclines. Like all antibiotics, doxycycline is not effective against infections caused by viruses.

Doxycycline is available in such ingestible forms as tablet, capsule, prolonged release capsule, effervescent tablet and granules for suspension. It is also commercially available as a solution for injection.

What bacteria does doxycycline work against?

Doxycycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It helps against the following bacteria:

  • Borrelia: These bacteria from the group of spirochetes trigger Lyme disease.
  • Chlamydia: These bacteria cause genital infections, keratitis and pneumonia.
  • Propionibacteria: These are bacteria that occur in the skin flora. Excessive levels of propionibacteria increase the risk of acne.
  • Brucella: This refers to a group of bacteria that, in rare cases, can lead to brucellosis and sepsis.
  • Spirochaeta pallidum: These screw bacteria can cause syphilis.
  • Yersinia: This group of bacteria are the triggers for diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Plasmodium: This is a trigger for malaria.
  • Leptospira: These can lead to the development of leptospirosis.
  • Mycoplasma: These cell wall-less bacteria are the triggers for infections of the respiratory organs and tract, inflammation of the mucous membrane in the middle ear and the urinary and genital organs.

Other bacteria include Rickettsia, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Haemophilus, Francisella tularensis, Vibrio cholera, Campylobacter fetus, Bartonella bacilliformis, Klebsiella granulomatis, etc.

How effective is doxycycline in Lyme disease?

Doxycycline is widely used to treat Lyme disease because it is effective and usually well tolerated. The daily dose in the case of stage I is 200 mg. The treatment should last up to 3 weeks, but at least 10 days.

How to buy Doxycycline in Britain?

The antibiotic doxycycline is subject to a prescription in Britain, ie it is only available with a valid prescription. Many people are therefore looking for a way to buy doxycycline online without a prescription. It should be noted that this antibiotic cannot be ordered online without a prescription either, because if an online pharmacy offers to order doxycycline without a prescription, it is usually an illegal supplier who wants to sell the drug.

Are the side effects of doxycycline severe?

When treated with doxycycline, side effects can occur from various organs and systems. Taking medications containing doxycycline can lead to the following side effects:

  • on the part of the cardiovascular system: tachycardia, pericarditis, edema, hypotension;
  • on the part of the nervous system: lack of appetite, headache, swelling of the optic nerve head, dizziness;
  • on the part of the immune system: rash, itching, hives, flushing, anaphylaxis, anaphylactic shock, angioedema, lupus erythematosus, Stevens-Johnson syndrome;
  • on the part of the digestive system: vomiting, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, inflammation of the tongue, difficulty swallowing, esophagitis, gastritis, dyspepsia;
  • on the part of the organ of hearing: tinnitus.

You should see your doctor right away if you experience any of the following unwanted effects:

  • Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, which manifests itself in the form of fever, chills, headache and muscle pain, and skin rash;
  • neutropenia;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • hemolytic anemia;
  • porphyria;
  • eosinophilia;
  • jaundice;
  • Hepatitis;
  • liver failure;
  • arthralgia;
  • myalgia;
  • dysbacteria;
  • serum sickness;
  • hot flashes.

Can you combine doxycycline with alcohol?

Doxycycline interacts with alcohol, especially in patients who have liver problems or chronic alcohol addiction, even with a history.

According to studies, the simultaneous use of doxycycline with alcohol leads to a reduction in the level of doxycycline in the blood and impaired effectiveness of doxycycline. The effects can last for days after you stop drinking. Therefore, alcohol consumption is not recommended during treatment with doxycycline.

Can you take doxycycline at the same time as ibuprofen?

The simultaneous administration of doxycycline and the analgesic ibuprofen reduces the excretion of ibuprofen and there is a risk of higher serum levels. Therefore, this combination should be avoided.

Does dairy affect the effects of doxycycline?

According to the manufacturer, you should not take doxycycline together with milk or milk products such as cheese, butter, etc. This is explained by the fact that dairy products slow down the beneficial properties of doxycycline. Therefore, it is recommended not to consume milk and milk products earlier than 2 hours after taking doxycycline.

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