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Other names: (RS)-4-Amino-3-(4-chlorphenyl)buttersäure

Bioavailability: 50-100%

ATC-Code: M03BX01

Protein binding: ≥ 30%

Metabolism: Liver

Half-life: 90 minutes to 4 hours

Excretion: Kidneys

CAS number: 1134-47-0

PubChem-CID: 2284

Drug Bank: DB00181

ChemSpider: 2197


KEGG: D00241



ECHA-InfoCard: 100.013.170

Formula: C10H12ClNO2

Molar mass: 213,66 g·mol−1

How does it work?

The exact mechanism of action of baclofen is unknown. The active ingredient is thought to inhibit the release of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that block electrical activity in the brain and spinal cord. This relieves muscle stiffness and tension. The active ingredient also exerts a euphoric effect, can relieve stress and reduce pain sensations.

How is it used?

Baclofen tablets should be swallowed whole with a full glass of water at mealtimes. The recommended starting dose for adults is usually 15 mg per day divided into three divided doses. Every three days the daily dose should be increased by 5-15 mg until the necessary daily dose is reached. The maintenance dose for adults varies and is between 30 and 75 milligrams daily divided into three to four doses.

The daily dose for the child depends on its body weight. In children over 8 years of age and adolescents under 18 years of age, therapy usually starts with a low dose (about 0.3 mg/kg/day), divided into two to four single doses. Gradually the dose is increased until the level reaches between 0.75 and 2 mg/kg. The maximum daily dose is 60 mg.

For children under 8 years of age, the maximum dose is 40 mg per day.

Baclofen tablets are not suitable for use in children weighing less than 33 kg .

Side effects








Muscle aches

Dry mouth

Gastrointestinal complaints

Warnings and Precautions


Tell your doctor if you have a history of alcoholism.

Suicidal thoughts

Some people who have been treated with baclofen have developed suicidal thoughts. If at any time you have such thoughts, consult a doctor.

Other trade names

Lioresal Lebic Baclocur


Hypersensitivity to the ingredients


Impaired kidney function


Not safe


Alcohol consumption should be avoided

What happens if you miss the dose?

Do not apply a double dose if you have forgotten the previous application, but continue as before.


If you take more than you should, tell your doctor. There could be side effects.


There is a risk of significant interactions. Therefore, medical supervision is recommended.

Unwanted reactions

Stomach pain


erectile dysfunction

Urinary retention

Liver dysfunction

Taste disorders

Speech disorder


Food does not affect the effects of the drug.


Do not store above 25°C.

Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is baclofen?

Baclofen is a drug used to treat spasticity in multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. It is available in 2 dosage forms: tablets and solution for injection.

How much does baclofen cost? Baclofen price?

Baclofen price differ from provider to provider and depends on dosage and package size.

How fast does baclofen work?

Baclofen tablets start working within a few hours of ingestion.

Is baclofen approved?

Yes, baclofen is approved for the treatment of spasticity in multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries.

Can you buy baclofen over the counter?

No, baclofen is a prescription drug. If you want to buy baclofen tablets, you need a prescription from a doctor.

In what dosages can you buy baclofen?

Baclofen tablets are commercially available in 2 dosages: 10 mg and 25 mg.

Why to buy baclofen?

Baclofen is a muscle relaxant and is used to relax stiff and tight muscles caused by multiple sclerosis, injury or brain dysfunction. Its uses include multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord disease, cerebrovascular injury and other nervous system diseases. The price varies from online vendor to online vendor. Use our filter to order baclofen online at the best price.

Off-label it will be used to treat nerve pain and other conditions, such as

  • alcohol abuse and addiction;
  • alcohol-related liver disease: liver damage caused by long-term and excessive alcohol consumption;
  • trigeminal neuralgia: Severe burning facial pain due to nerve damage
  • hiccups: involuntary contractions of the muscles involved in breathing
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease: indigestion that causes heartburn

Unfortunately, baclofen has potential for abuse and addiction, so caution should be exercised during treatment.

How and where to buy baclofen tablets?

Medications containing baclofen are subject to a prescription and are available in the form of tablets and injection solution under the trade names Lioresal and baclofen generic. You won't find these drugs in local pharmacies without a prescription.

Baclofen is also available over the internet at affordable prices. Baclofen price varies from online vendor to online vendor. Use our filter to order baclofen online at the best price.

Is Baclofen Effective Against Alcohol?

According to studies, due to its neurological properties, baclofen can have anxiolytic effects and be beneficial for addicts. The medication reduces the craving to consume the alcohol beverages.

It has been used in alcohol addiction for several years. Baclofen has been approved for addiction therapy in France since 2014. In Germany, the EMA still does not approve this medicine for the treatment of alcohol dependence.

In normal and high doses, baclofen can be described as an interesting substance for further research, provided that drugs for the long-term therapy of alcohol addiction are accepted in principle. The available data, however, speak against the fact that baclofen is a "miracle drug". As with any artful medical therapy, unapproved and less well-studied treatment should not be prescribed where approved therapies exist. INaltrexone, acamprosate and nalmefene are prescribed for alcohol addiction.

Does Baclofen Tablets Help with Anxiety and Depression?

It is known from laboratory studies that baclofen can produce the characteristic behavioral effects normally seen with other antidepressants. The behavioral despair test showed that baclofen (0.25 mg/kg) reduced the animals' immobility time, reflecting its antidepressant properties. In addition, baclofen has also been shown in human and animal models to promote excitability and seizure generation with concentration-dependent effects. Interestingly, this is a core property shared with other antidepressants such as tricyclic antidepressants.

The mechanisms by which baclofen may have antidepressant or switching properties remain unclear. These various arguments could support the possibility of testing baclofen in future human trials as a novel antidepressant.

It is known that anxiety attacks occur when there is a lack of GABA receptors in the body. Baclofen works by compensating for the reduced number of GABA receptors.

What are the side effects of baclofen tablets?

Before buying baclofen, you should consider possible side effects. Short-term use of baclofen can cause the following side effects: headache, low blood pressure, drowsiness, nausea, sleepiness and constipation. These effects disappear quickly and do not require medical attention. However, some side effects can cause serious complications. Talk to your doctor right away if you have chest pain, blood in your urine, severe mood swings, hallucinations, seizures, muscle spasms, tinnitus, or blurred vision.

The patients suffering from multiple sclerosis may need to take the drug for years. Long-term use can improve the quality of life, but also lead to some undesirable effects, such as memory problems, learning problems, increased fatigue or muscle weakness.

What withdrawal symptoms are possible after stopping baclofen?

Baclofen is a widely used medication to treat spasticity. Stopping baclofen tablets and injection solution suddenly can result in severe withdrawal symptoms that can be life-threatening. Excitement, insomnia, confusion, hallucinations, seizures, visual disturbances, psychosis, dyskinesia, hyperthermia can occur. To avoid these symptoms, baclofen should be discontinued gradually.


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I take baclofen 3 times a day. 15 mg in the morning, 10 mg in the afternoon and 20 mg in the evening. My doctor prescribed baclofen for multiple sclerosis. I had very severe and painful muscle cramps. Baclofen works great. Now I rarely feel the muscle spasms.


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